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PUPPETEERS is a first person, action packed co-op horror game. Experience a terrifying campaign by yourself, or partner up with up to 4 players in a cooperative horror adventure. Run. Hide. But try not to scream, it might hear you.

Online Co-op Gameplay

Scream along with your friends, as the puppet hunts you down. It is your job to break and reverse the curse, once brought upon it. Burn the dolls alive and escape as fast as you can, you can't hide, you know.
Multiplayer has fast, difficult gameplay. Over time, the game difficulty escalates. With every doll burned, the puppets rage only gets worse. Game to easy? Try HARD or INSANE difficulty for an ultimate challenge.

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Singleplayer Campaign

Immerse yourself, with story rich gameplay, challenging puzzles, interesting mechanics and thrilling moments, but in this game mode, you get to do all the screaming yourself.Story Mode is the ultimate, first person, psychological-horror experience. Play as Andrew Smith, as you find yourself hired by a paranormal investigation company, but when you step into the house, you realise it is not what it used to be,

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